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  4. Graphing Calculator, Dead

    Graphing Calculator, Dead

  5. Backless Dress

    Backless Dress

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  7. Big thnx to Cross Connect and dear-mirah for featuring my art and opinions ;D Let me know what you think ;D


    Cross Connect Featured Curator: DearMirah [dear-mirah]

    1. Marco Puccini i m p r o v v i s a m e n t e - t a g l i a t o (2014). Illustration. 

    2. Ben & ShermanDialogue (2013). Mixed media on paper. 

    Ben & Sherman are a pair of artists/designers who I consider to be hidden treasures here on Tumblr. They are based in Lisbon, and are inspired by paint textures, literature, and music (x).

    3. Samuel BjorgumUntitled (2013). Oil on canvas. 

    Samuel Bjorgum is an emerging talent on Tumblr who paints illusions and mind-melding perspectives from his stupid based in Minneapolis, Minnesota (x).

    4. Mei Mei ChangUntitled (2012). Mixed media on paper. 

    Mei Mei Chang is a mixed media and installation artist who premiered her artistic career in 2002 after graduating from the University of Ohio. A life long student of the human psyche, Chang states her process is influenced by “connections between internal symbols and connections which stretch out to the external. I believe that there is as much to uncover beneath the surface as to discover on the surface. Our minds occupy a space between the conscious and the subconscious; my work encompasses what is beneath the awareness of consciousness and beyond the passive knowing of subconsciousness, and brings it to life” (x). 

    5. Ben AustinHe Started a Band for Easy Access to Drugs (2014). Net art. 

    Ben Austin was kind enough to answer a few questions for me for this project. When asked if Tumblr has helped fuel his career, he replied: ”Yes, I’m one of those people who in the 90s would have bought every art magazine and any other magazine with good pictures, but I don’t know anyone who can or could’ve afforded it. With something like Tumblr you can see thousands of interesting, odd, high-quality, lo-fi, personal, etc. pics all at once for free and, more importantly, easily get exposed to things “you don’t know you want,” which has been the biggest thing for me with Tumblr.

    Also, for my own work, Tumblr has made it possible to do the same for others, throw things in front of people who don’t know they want a certain type of art and maybe get them into something new to them. The number of artists and writers on Tumblr that have inspired me has been huge (I could give you a short list if you like, dear-mirah). Also, I have sold pieces and been asked to design things directly through Tumblr and Instagram; I have an agent now who’s launching a collection management business soon, so I wouldn’t have anything like an “art career” with out Tumblr. 

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  9. Whiskey


  10. We Tried and We Failed

    We Tried and We Failed

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  13. Gun on the VCR

    Gun on the VCR

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  15. Autoplay (Mute)

    Autoplay (Mute)